With an extensive career working in the Commercial Construction industry, Paul has held senior positions with two of the industries respected mid-tier commercial construction companies.  Over this period Paul has been involved in the delivery of numerous and varied projects ranging from $30,000 car wash refurbishments, right through to $25,000,000 food processing facilities.

Paul started the construction company, and has acted as the Managing Director of Insight Constructions, overseeing all daily operational requirements since commencement. His work ethic and appetite for delivering exceptional projects has ensured that ICG are the preferred builder our clients continue to come back to.

With his focus driven leadership style based on relationship building at all levels of the business, Paul has taken the company from an annual turnover in FY15 of $4.3M to a projected turnover for FY21 of nearly $27M. His current role focuses on evolving the company’s goals, whilst offering leadership, consistency across the company and staying true to our culture and mission.